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“No deal” Brexit contingency plan

January 16th, 2019  

We have reluctantly introduced a short contingency plan to try to deal with any possibilities of delays in delivery of product from the EU and beyond in response to the vote in the House of Commons last night (15th January).

As the deal on the table has been summarily dismissed it leaves the options of a no deal exit, a renegotiated deal which would extend the March 29th deadline or a complete change of strategy on the part of the Government of the day which would also (probably) result in a date extension.

We are sending a copy of our plan to our customers however, if you have not received this communication yet I attach to the post for your consideration.

File: Brexit contingency

Prospona Poland

February 8th, 2018  

European Food Ingredients represent Prospona in Poland on a variety of lines and we are re-introducing their exciting product range of concentrated fruit pastes, toppings, glazes, candied and semi-candied fruit, fruit fillings and poppy seed fillings.

Many of these are perfect as inclusions in bakery and dairy/ice-cream applications

If we haven’t contacted you recently and this is of interest please do not hesitate in contacting us.

“one stop shop”

October 6th, 2014  

European Food Ingredients can offer a “one stop shop” for all your dry ingredient needs, from dried wild mushrooms and other vegetables, onions dried and crisp fried.

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We can deliver in quarter, half and full pallets so that you are able to mix and match to your own requirements.